Save a tree
Buy gift wrapping made of grasspaper
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The mowed grass is not waste.
We make giftwrapping out of it.
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Celebrate with us!
Give a gift for the forest using Green Grass gift wrapping!
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Our mission

Everybody must take environmental protection seriously and think responsibly about how we can save our natural values.

Each step, no matter how small it may seem, contributes to leaving a greener, more livable planet for the generations to come. Even the sea is only made of water droplets.

We'd like to start a change in attitude with our grass paper products, which we hope many people will join. Our goal is to ensure that environmentally friendly packaging does not compromise quiality, and that our Green Grass brand will be synonymous with the sophisticated and beautiful gift wrapping.


Saving trees

The use of grass in the paper production means 30% less trees to be cut down.

Why choose


Recyclable material

100% compostable and biodegradable


We use environmentally friendly paint



The carrying capacity of our gift bags is 5 kg!

Designed by

Green Grass products

Trendy designs for all ages


Produced by

Gift bags with your company image

Promote your company with our eco-friendy gift bags and show your customers you care!


Grass paper is the environmental friendly gift wrapping!

Grass is Greener

Green is our Nature!

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