What's more important for you in gift wrapping? Environmental friendly, but dull gift bags, or trendy, exciting new desings? No need to choose! Have the best from both!

No need to compromise: with the Green Grass giftwrapping product you can protect nature and still have beautiful gift wrapping! Green Grass is an environmentally friendly gift packaging brand. Due to the grass content of our paper, we save every third tree to be cut down comparing to the traditional paper manufacturing process.

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The most natural paper for a greener planet

Introducing a revolutionary new technology in the paper making industry: using the high cellulose content of grass in order to partially substitute the use of wood. The mixutre of grass and wood pulp made paper is used for multipule purposes from gift wrapping to catering. In appearance, it is not much different from the paper we used to, only it has a slightly darker tone, since we don’t use any bleaching agents or chemicals for whitening the natural color of paper.

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