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About us

The most natural paper for a greener planet

Green is our nature

Since its establishment in 1991, Cardex Európa Ltd. has been constantly looking for innovative technical novelties. One of the secrets of our thirty years of successful operation is hat we are able to innovate from time to time, to appear with products and designs that are new to the Hungarian market. In the beginning, we blew up the traditional greeting card market of flowers and landscapes, which was dominant until the 80s, with our funy, youthful greeting card collection. Next we reshaped and modernized the gift-giving customs in Hungary with our trendy gift bags. Our latest products under the Green Grass brand name are made of paper from mowed grass. We have found a renewable material that also reflects our company's philosophy. Renewing, by adapting to the natural environment that surrounds us. Renewing, just like the grass that regenerates.

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What's more important for you in gift wrapping? Environmental friendly, but dull gift bags, or trendy, exciting new desings? No need to choose! Have the best from both!

No need to compromise: with the Green Grass giftwrapping product you can protect nature and still have beautiful gift wrapping! Green Grass is an environmentally friendly gift packaging brand. Due to the grass content of our paper, we save every third tree to be cut down comparing to the traditional paper manufacturing process.

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